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Why Digital Window Display?

Shopping windows represent the history of your own company, they tell who you are and need to get the pedestrians’ attention among thousands of other impressions to make them pause on their way.

Make your own shop interactive display window stand out against others. That’s the challenge retailers, department stores, or travel agencies have to face – the branch that presents its goods and services in a shopping window and tries to catch the pedestrians’ attention.

What is a Digital Window Display?

A digital window display is an advertisement that appears behind a store window. Unlike a typical television, the Window Facing Signage is specifically built to be visible behind glass to potential customers walking by.

The concept may sound simple, but this is actually a huge missed opportunity for many businesses. If you think of your windows as valuable branding real estate, why wouldn’t you take full advantage of it?


Here are the 5 most significant benefits of Window Facing Display!

1) Grab Attention for Your Brand

First and foremost, a prominent digital window display is a large sign that can grab people’s attention as they walk by. Even better, you’re simply taking advantage of advertising real estate space and potential customers already there!

Because a digital display often includes motion graphics and other catchy elements, you have a better chance of causing people to look at your store. If you can get someone to stop for a moment to watch your display, they’re that much more likely to pop in.

2)Call to Action – customer interaction that connects

Those who already know the term Call to Action may have probably read this marketing buzzword in numerous internet blogs over the last few years. Action hereby means a concrete demand for an interaction of the customer within a marketing promotion.

On the internet, this could be to fill out a contact form or to subscribe to a newsletter. Nevertheless, the call to action is not only limited to the online world. They are also well-suitable for Window Facing Hanging Screens.

Call to Action can be used in many kinds of ways but should always point out a clear benefit for the pedestrian and furthermore should imply a certain urgency.


Interactive windows – unexpected promotions

90% of the “generation head down” are using their smartphone also while shopping. Therefore it’s obvious that the mobile part of the customer world should be added to the real world. QR-Codes, for example, would be such an opportunity.

Pedestrians can scan these little cube patterns or labyrinths with their smartphones to get further product information or to receive coupons or sales discounts. Afterward, they enter the shop to redeem the coupon they just compiled themselves.

Only today. Scan the code and save 50%. Adidas, for example, clarifies that creative Storefront Digital Window Displays can absolutely have a viral character.

3) Boost Footfall from Pedestrians

Yes, we know that the ultimate goal of many window displays is to get people to walk into your shop.

Thankfully, a quality digital window display can help a great deal in drawing people in. Beyond just getting people’s attention, an attractive piece of digital display content can inform, entertain, or dazzle potential customers so they have a reason to enter your store and do business with you.

Whether it’s communicating the latest health guidelines so shoppers feel safe, highlighting a new piece of clothing that’s currently available, or zooming in on a mouth-watering limited-time special food item, a visually striking digital display can make.

This is even more important during special times of the year when you can create event-themed messaging that resonates with your audience.

Ceiling-mounted Double-sided Portrait Screen

4) Testimonials – from the internet to the shopping window

One essential part of amazon’s success? Customer reviews! They are very important for every online shop. The first impression counts – just as the appearance of the own store. Communication between customers makes them gain trust in the product, also seems reliable and it describes advantages for the use from the customers’ perspective.

Authentic customer reviews from consumers who bought the product and adjudge it after having used it themselves are a strong statement for your shopping window. It’s actually that strong, that 90% of customers get influenced by it in their buying decision according to a study by Dimensional Research.

Digital window displays allow you to show your latest customer reviews for specific products to have pedestrians develop trust in you and your product even before entering your store. Especially products and services which require more trust during the buyer’s journey.

5) Double-sided Window Displays – always flexible and up-to-date

Digital window advertising is taking advantage of printed placards at another essential point. The immediate modification and update of the advertising message. An upcoming event that should be promoted can easily be put on display by adding the calendar to the shown playlist of content.

While short-term sales promotions and special offers have been difficult to realize quickly as to the printing process, digital window displays can be updated with just a few clicks in a short time.

The good and not less important side effect: cost-intensive print products will be replaced by digital media content which is becoming well-priced more and more. Also, reasonably priced screens lay the foundation for a digital window display, even for smaller stores with a limited budget.

Window Facing Display

An effective digital window display can be an absolute game-changer in growing brand attention and customer footfall.

The question is, are you happy with your current window display? Why not give Shiningstar a call and see if we can transform your digital window displays? Get in touch today for more information about our digital window displays!



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