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Why digital signage is important in healthcare?

Digital signage is being used in many aspects of healthcare. Using digital signage for wayfinding, check-ins, and waiting rooms. Since it provides a better experience for customers and helps staff stay organized and up to date, digital signage is an essential tool for healthcare.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a screen that customers can interact with on the spot, responding to a global advertising trend that is shifting from printed posters to digital signage. In essence, digital signage is a screen option that integrates media players, CMS, and other software to communicate with customers with high-quality, easy-to-access information options.


1. Improving Customers’ and Employee Experience 

Digital signage is the ultimate tool for healthcare communication. Both internal and customer communications are streamlined and more effective through the use of digital signage. Employees view critical, up-to-date medical information, while customers view entertaining content in the waiting room. The number of screens and channels of content is customizable, making digital signage scalable for healthcare of all sizes.

Digital signage is improving the experience of clients and healthcare workers today, and future applications will only make it more valuable for healthcare in the future.


2. Wayfinding
Finding your way around can be difficult, especially in larger healthcare. When urgency is the key, obstacles like navigation can increase stress and anxiety in visitors and patients. Healthcare is using digital signage for wayfinding, and they’re experiencing some excellent benefits as a result.

Digital signs display virtual maps, and by using voice assistants, visitors simply ask where they need to go and get answers instantly. Voice assistants answer questions through speakers built into the interactive digital signage. Visitors also use touch screens and tablets to navigate maps. Healthcare administrators can easily update maps, unlike paper counterparts which need to be thrown away and reprinted. Using digital signage for wayfinding allows hospitals to cut back on waste, improve customer experience, and save time. LEARN MORE about using digital wayfinding for healthcare.

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3. Waiting Room Entertainment 

Customers and family members will inevitably spend some time in the waiting room. Healthcare is using digital signage in waiting rooms to entertain people with an array of different content. Digital signs display sports scores and updates, weather, healthy tips, and breaking news. Customers select what they want to view by navigating through presentations on touchscreens and tablets by using digital signage until they find what they want to view.

4. Healthcare Information

Healthcare marketing is a perfect fit for digital signage. Welcome visitors with a calendar of events, cafeteria menus, promotion videos, weather, and much more.

Digital signage is an excellent tool for healthcare to keep up with events throughout the year. Healthcare admins schedule content in advance, loading up presentations with holiday specials and countdowns to the date. Content takes minimal time and effort to set up and update, yet it’s so enticing to look at the dynamic media. All screens connected to the specific Shiningstar channel will display holiday content throughout healthcare simultaneously, in the waiting room, in the cafeteria, and even in different branches or buildings. Spread the cheer with current information.

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 5. Health and Wellness Information

Healthcare uses digital signage for displaying population health data, like vaccine rates. This application is heavily used, particularly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare display infection statistics, which are updated automatically. QR codes and links are also displayed on digital signage, so visitors can access information from the CDC, FDA, or other health authorities from their phones.

Digital Signage Kiosks can include hand sanitizer and other sanitation products in an effort to keep germs under control. Vulnerable customers can feel at ease coming to appointments.

6. Healthcare Employee Communication

Behind the scenes, communication is vital to any business, but perhaps it’s even more critical for hospitals and health systems. Patients need the right medication and the right dosage, and timing is critical as well.

Digital signage continues to improve communications within the healthcare industry today. Medical charts are updated and displayed instantly, keeping nurses and doctors up to date on patient status and medical records. Digital signage is displayed throughout hospital break rooms and offices, keeping everyone up to date on events and announcements.

LEARN MORE about the benefits of digital signage for healthcare employees.

All in all, digital signage always offers endless possibilities for healthcare. Whether it’s display advertising, display information, or self-service, these fantastic interactive information screens will give you a wealth of benefits. However, where could you find the best digital signage solution?

The shining star is your perfect choice! We are one of the top digital signage screen manufacturers in China, offering a wide range of touch screen digital signage kiosks and providing the most professional and reliable custom healthcare solution to suit your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our products!

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