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What is a double-sided advertising machine?

If you want the brand to promote, your advertising machine is less. Nowadays, there are two ways of the online intelligent era, advertising broadcasts. Everyone knows, as long as you have mobile phones and computers or you can see annoying ads, sometimes it can’t get off. Online advertising is true, there is a soul. Now the offline advertisements are generally implanted by soft text or by advertising opportunities.

When I say that the advertising machine will not know, the advertising machine is a smart device in recent years, exists on the needs of the market. Common advertising machines have single-sided screens and double-sided screens, with double-sided screens are widely used in today, involving a wide range of fields, such as office writing, large shopping malls, exhibitions, etc. have its figure. But there are or many people who don’t know much about it. What is the function of double-sided advertising machines? Today, you will explore it!

What is a double advertising machine?

A double-sided advertising machine as the name implies is the two-sided screen (before and after). Traditional advertising machines typically have only one face (single side) display, similar to computer TV smart to see one side. The double-sided advertising machine is a double-sided screen to ensure that there is corresponding advertising in the indoor and outdoor. It can also be customized according to the needs of the user and the appropriate content design, and the screen of the dual-sided screen advertising machine is supernatant on the double-sided 1080p, and you can also support a multi-faceted playback mode such as pictures, text, video, sound.

What are the functions of double-sided advertising machines?

A double-sided advertising machine is more common function equipment to display content on both sides, can be synchronized, or asynchronously. And it is guaranteed that different settings can be performed simultaneously. The timing switch and setting can be performed directly, no need to pay attention, only the need to complete the setting in advance, and the advertiser supports USB, WiFi, wired network connections, and can update some play content at any time.

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