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Top 8 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

A quick-service restaurant (QSR), fast food restaurant, is an establishment that serves meals at lower pricing and typically provides fast service and limited table service.
The customers at QSR establishments want to make orders and purchases quickly. This way, they can receive their food orders in a time-efficient manner.

Here is where the benefits of a Digital Menu Board come in.

Digital Menu Board implies a faster ordering process, shorter lines, and higher profits for the quick-service restaurant industry (QSR).
For the benefits of digital menu boards, how can you apply digital menu boards to your business?

What Are The Benefits of Digital Menu Boards?
As we all know, customers always begin their decision-making process by glancing at your menus. Whether static paper signs or digital screens, your signage is one of the most valuable assets in your business. When executed properly, digital menu boards offer a cost-effective way to help you reduce customers’ perceived wait time, increase foot traffics, and more. Here are the top benefits of Digital Menu Board with some fun facts:

  1. Keep the Lines Moving
    It’s very often you would run into customers that are having trouble deciding what to order at a quick-service restaurant that uses static menu signs. This is not surprising as the text requires 60,000 times more time to digest than visuals, according to 3M. With digital menu boards, business owners can present their menus with a clean layout and stunning visuals. This will help customers make informed decisions more efficiently and speed up the queue.
  2. Reduce Perceived Wait Times
    After customers place their orders, they usually have to wait for a short while before their meals are ready and feel time pass by more slowly. This is the time that customers get impatient and feel dissatisfied with the services. With vibrant animation and consistent motions, digital menu boards keep the customers’ eyes busy, and minds occupied, and direct their attention away from the wait itself effectively. This will then reduce their perceived wait time, leaving them satisfied when they receive their orders and exit the stores.
  3. Influence Customers’ Buying Decisions
    Studies revealed nearly 30% of customers find digital menus influential for purchasing a product. Unlike printed sign boards, which offer limited information and visuals, digital menu boards can grab customers’ attention quickly and promote menu items effectively. You can display limited-time offers, special promotions, and best-selling items with images, videos, and special animated effects to stimulate customers’ appetites and encourage them to make purchases. You can also include calories, ingredients, and nutritional information to help your customers make a decision.

4. Easy to Manage and Respond Quickly
QSRs must have the ability to respond to rapid changes quickly in today’s business climate and cope with younger generations. It is inconvenient for business owners to update traditional signs promptly and deliver them to multiple locations efficiently. This is where digital menu boards come in handy. From minor items and price adjustments to new marketing promotion launches, digital menu boards can help business owners achieve them without hassles. With a centralized control cloud-based platform, business owners can make any menu changes to their digital menu boards from anywhere, at any time, and to any location of their choice. The system will distribute all new
updates to multiple locations within minutes without involving any third party.

5. Schedule and Promote at the Right Time
Unlike traditional static menu boards, digital menu displays enable you to deliver diverse marketing and promotional content effectively to customers at the right time.
Business owners can keep customers informed about upcoming events, special deals and menu items, and limited-time offers. On top of that, with the Scheduled Publishing feature, you can easily plan and schedule all your future seasonal and new promotions ahead of time. The content will be published to the digital menu boards automatically when the time comes. This way, you can ensure that your seasonal promotions will never miss their best timing to help you generate more profits.

Content management software

6. Digital Menu Boards Maintain Brand Consistency
Brand consistency is one of the keys to successful marketing. Businesses need to ensure that their branding elements and messages are in sync. If all locations are supposed to display the same set of menus, any failure in this operation will send mixed signals and create negative impressions on their customers. Digital menu boards can help business owners eliminate this problem. Digital menu board software solution is scalable, quick to adapt, and easy to manage. You can update any menu content across multiple screens at multiple locations effortlessly. Keeping your branding consistent will help you establish credibility and leave memorable impressions on your customers.

The Benefits Outweigh the Cost
Depending on how much you’re used to spending on your business, a digital menu board might seem like a lot of money, or it might not. For some, investing in a game-changing product like a digital menu board is a no-brainer, but we recognize that not everyone is in the same boat. But the bottom line is that the benefits of investing in a digital menu board far outweigh the initial price and it is a more cost-effective product than traditional menus. You may feel like you’re dropping the big bucks when you decide to purchase one for your restaurant, but digital menu boards more than earn back the money you spend on them.

Restaurants have embraced technology, employing it to serve consumers better and build businesses around it. Leaders in the restaurant industry today use technology to market their businesses. The restaurant industry has seen positive growth due to the adoption of digital displays, particularly as a consequence of enhancements in the overall customer experience.

Now, you should have a great understanding of the benefits of a digital menu board. The restaurant sector has altered dramatically in recent years. It’s reasonable to conclude that traditional posters and notice boards have reached the end of their usefulness. Restaurants that embrace technology can better meet the requirements of a broader range of customers. Restaurant digital menu boards allow you to connect your consumers to the operations of your business visibly. Anything is possible with a digital menu board, the only limit is imagination.

You can learn more about Shiningstar’s digital menu board solution and connect with us to get the latest info on the menu board!

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