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New self-service kiosks installed at Guangzhou Airport rail station

Shiningstar, an experienced leader in the payments and transactional services industry has combined its expertise in rail ticketing solutions and kiosk design to create a new self-service kiosk to improve the customer experience and speed up the purchase of tickets for rail customers.
This new ticket vending machine will be installed and trialed by ShiningStar at Guangzhou Airport as part of the station’s redevelopment plan. To improve the customer experience at this busy station.
For Shiningstar, it made perfect sense to develop a new self-service kiosk given their expertise in this area for brands such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Cinemas.

The enhanced customer experience and large full-screen interface will support the ambition of the Airports Review as part of the rail industry’s strategy to improve the ticket purchasing experience for customers, aligning with continued digital development across the country.

The use of contactless and mobile payments was already increasing year-on-year but the last 15 months have accelerated this change significantly.
For the general public, this has meant they are now carrying less cash and are more at ease using card or contactless payments for everyday purchases.

The rail industry is preparing for the most significant change since privatization over the coming years, the new shape of the industry will be heavily focused on customer experience. Ensuring customers can easily select and purchase the right ticket for their journey is paramount and the kiosks’ customer interface and purchasing flow significantly simplify the process and improve the experience for customers.
This will help the airport to improve its customer experience within the station and help people to pass through as quickly as possible for their onward journey.

When the world changes the best thing to do is change with it, we started this journey with ShiningStar during lockdown last year with our sole focus being the customer.
ShiningStar’s laser focus on the customer made them an ideal partner, through the re-development of Guangzhou Airport station, to trial this industry first,
customer-focused solution.

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